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30th August 2013

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Ah misleading covers!

In the 1980s, New World Pictures produced an English-dubbed version of Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, titled Warriors of the Wind, and it was released theatrically in North America, shown on HBO and released on VHS. The voice actors and actresses were not informed of the film’s plotline and the film was heavily edited to make it a children-oriented film. Consequently, part of the film’s narrative meaning was lost; some of the environmentalist themes were diluted as was the main subplot of the Ohmu, altered to turn them into aggressive enemies. Most of the characters were renamed (for example, Nausicaä became “Princess Zandra”). The cover for the VHS release featured a cadre of male characters who are not in the film, riding the resurrected God Warrior—including a still-living Warrior shown briefly in a flashback.

Dissatisfied with Warriors of the Wind, Miyazaki suggested that people should put it “out of their minds.”  Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki have asked fans to forget its existence and later adopted a strict “no-edits” clause for future foreign releases of its films.

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    "No edits" He fucking sent a katana over that said “no cuts” Badass as fuck
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    This explains many incongruities with my childhood exposure to Nausicaa
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    The first anime I ever rented. IT WAS CONFUSING.
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    Ah misleading covers! In the 1980s, New World Pictures produced an English-dubbed version of Nausicaä of the Valley of...
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    Oh good lord I’d forgotten about this. Though somehow, I think I’m thankful for its existence, if for nothing more than...
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    I still HAVE a copy in a box someplace. It’s good for what it was at the time. :/